East awesome

Merrick's School

Seen In Merrick Shorts Pilot

School is a high school located in the Merrick Shorts series. Due to it's official name constantly changing, it is simply referred to as school.

Mr. Blain is the history teacher of this school. The other teachers have yet to be seen.

Merrick and Jake have a locker next to each other here, seen first in Merrick Pilot Shorts. Jake's has a lightning bolt going across, and a crude skull with a fork in it's brain. Merrick's locker has a rainbow lock, and apperently contains a wild animal, since above it it says "Beware Dog!"


  • Merrick, Jake, Nick, and Thyra all go to the same school
  • On the side of the school, it reads "I may be gone, but never forgotten!" which was written by Paige

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