"Merrick failed, we're all doomed" ~Falco Punch

Vital statistics
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Species Human

Paige is a character that made her first appearance in the Falco Punch mini. She was going to be a main character in the series, but was relegated to being a side character due to her moving.


Paige seems to be an upbeat girl, due to her reaction to Merrick losing to Mr. Blain in the Falco Punch mini, where she smiled over the fact that Merrick failed and the Earth was going to be destroyed.


Paige has clothes similar to your typical blonde girl, with an ID around her neck, and long blonde hair. Only later episodes will show if her clothing will change.


  • Paige resembles Emily from the Perfect Math Class video, with the only difference being the fact that Paige has long strands of blonde hair that go straight down, while Emily's is more curly

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