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  • Hey, im thinking of doing a PokeFan reunion cuz no one ever goes there any more, can u give dates, and times of when u can come?

           Victini_BW.gifOmega Talk Contribs Victini_BW.gif 16:04, June 15, 2012 (UTC)
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  • HELLO, as you might know, PokeFan has recently received its spotlight, and we have been get a couple new users... and *bites lip* a lot of annoying anons. If you dont have any time to edit the wiki, please try to be on the wiki's chat a little more... to help any new users to the wiki. If you see any anons makin any pages, dont delet them, jusdt leave a message on th eanons wall to join the wiki and make an account. :D hope to see you more on the wiki! :D

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