"Instead of using my parachute skills to good use, I'm going to crashland on Heaven for absolutely no reason" ~Merrick Shorts Pilot

Merrick reda redesign
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Age 14-15
Species Human

Merrick is the main star of the Merrick Shorts Series. He appears in every episode, special, and mini so far.


Merrick is a kind, very weird, and an unintentional trouble maker. Often times his actions get him in trouble, and is paid severely. However, he manages to keep a upbeat and always positive outlook on life through it all. He also has a habit of winning through tough situations through pure luck.


Merrick is a pilot who owns a brown biplane, and flies by on Slingshot Day on his patrol when he gets shot down from a rock Seth fires. Instead of using his parachute, which he apperently kept in the plane, he crashes onto Heaven. Exploring the inside, he see's Thyra listening to her headphones, and while she's distracted, he tries out Heaven's weapons found in the storage room. Unfourtenetly, he accidently knocks down a pillar supporting Heaven, and sends it tumbling down, in which he escapes in the chaos. He later see's Jake's hair getting 'abused', and he stops the person from touching it anymore.


Merrick has a variety of friends and a few enemies. His main friends consist of Thyra, Seth, Paige, Melissa, and Jake. His only rival seems to be Nick, and his main enemy is Mr. Blain.










Mr. Blain


Other AppearancesEdit

In Neo Drive Extreme 2, Merrick replaces Davy as the new playable character



  • Before the Guerilla Fighter was cut from the Halloween Special, it was hinted that Merrick is not afraid of anyone with a weapon, but is scared of certain animal species (In this case, a Gorilla)

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